When it comes to iPhone, most people already love their device. But with the help of the App Store, it could be made even better. There are millions of apps available to install on your iPhone. Most of them aren’t worth the time of day, but some will help you to level up your iOS device, making it a truly formidable pocket pal.

On top of apps, there are various tweaks that you can make in your iPhone’s settings to make it more of a useful tool. In this post, we’ll list some of the best things that you can do on your iPhone, as well as some of the best apps to download to make it a true jack of all trades.

Best iPhone Hacks 2019

Learning how to tweak your iPhone to your advantage is a great skill to possess. You can use your iPhone for a whole bunch of things, and there are various useful settings that can be set up in the event that you lose your phone or it breaks.

FIND MY IPHONE: You’ve probably seen this app lurking on your phone, taking up a tiny little bit of its memory in the background. You’ve probably moved it into a custom-made folder with a name like ‘random crap’. Time to change that. With the Find iPhone app installed on your device, you can share your device’s location via the app and then access it from a separate device by entering your Apple ID and password. This allows you to find your iPhone if it gets lost or stolen. You can set it up so that it will send you the last known location of the iPhone up to 24 hours after it runs out of battery.

MEDICAL ID: This is a very useful feature on the Health app that could help medical personal save your life in an emergency – especially if you have an ongoing medical condition such as diabetes. A medical ID can be set up to include any key information about medical conditions, allergies, medication you’re on, and next of kin information. This can then be accessed from your phone’s lock screen by tapping Emergency, then Medical ID. If you’re unconscious and doctors don’t know what might be wrong with you, then this information could be critical.

MUSIC TIMER: Like falling asleep to some relaxing music or white noise? If you don’t want it to carry on going all night then simply open the Clock app, then go to Timer > When Timer Ends > scroll down and select Stop Playing. Then set the amount of time you want the music to play for and set the timer. This is a great way to ensure you’re not wasting battery while you sleep.

NIGHT SHIFT: When it’s late, you don’t want your phone to be emitting blue light as this actually fools your brain into thinking that it’s daylight and thus stops melatonin production. Melatonin is the sleep hormone and without it you’re unlikely to drift off. Simply swipe up on your iPhone home screen and then hold the brightness bar. You’ll then see the option to turn on Night Shift. This will kill all the blue light coming out of your phone until the next morning.

Best apps for iPhone 2019

When it comes to juicy apps, your iPhone deserves the best. Seriously, all the apps listed here will help you to manage your day to day life and have a more productive lifestyle. Try them out!

KITCHEN STORIES: Managing a busy schedule and personal life doesn’t leave much time for cooking. There is a lot of data to suggest that our modern eating habits not doing us any good. Eating alone, ready meals, and inadequate nutrition all contribute to a lower immune system, increased depression and anxiety, worse sleep, and a higher risk of developing serious illnesses later on in life.

Thankfully, Kitchen Stories has loads of recipes along with simple two or three minute video tutorials. The app also has a shopping list feature where you can simply drag a recipe into your list and then you won’t forget to buy the essentials on your next grocery stop. Make sure you’re eating a top-notch diet with the Kitchen Stories app.

CALM: This meditation app helps beginners to sit back and relax with some soothing meditation. It includes various breathing exercises, bedtime stories and nature sounds. In our busy lives, we often forget to just sit back and breathe. This has been proven to reduce stress and really sets you up for a less stressful day when done first thing in the morning.

PRIVACY PRO: It’s good to keep your personal data out of the hands of ad trackers who want to sell it on to third parties. Try installing this app to get one of the best ad tracker blockers from the Disconnect Company who have been voted the best privacy tool by the New York Times several years running. This app also comes with a VPN. Keep your data private with Privacy Pro.

8FIT: Want to get into shape? 8Fit is one of the easiest fitness apps to use because it has a wide range of exercises suitable for beginners. You can enter your height, weight, BMI, and target weight and whether you’re a total beginner or seasoned pro and the app will set up a routine for you. It takes about 20 minutes each day (or even less) so there is no excuse not to do it.

The app is great for producing healthy lifestyle habits and the pro version also has a nutrition guide for losing weight or for gaining muscle.

SPLITWISE: This clever app allows you to keep track of debts that you have between friends and roommates and connects to PayPal so that you can easily settle up when the time comes. It’s ideal for students and young people who live in share houses who are often borrowing a tin of tuna or $5 for a bottle of wine… or just being late on bills. Try it out.

VSCO: This very cool camera and photo editing app allows you to put various film filters on your photos to make them look like they were shot with a film camera. There are also tons of editing tools. This is a great app, mainly because the filters are more subtle than those on Instagram, which makes your photos look more moody and just all-round more professional.