It’s just over 2 months since the launch of the game and the first Division 2 raidis already out. Ubisoft is right on track with the content this time around and it is one of the biggest reasons why players are loving the shooter-looter. With Operation Dark Hours the French company has introduced the first Division 2 raid and it is proving to be a difficult one.

Division 2 Raid

Operation Dark Hours dropped recently and it takes the players to Ronald Reagan National Airport in Washington D.C. Players are tasked in pushing back Black Tusk Forces in the Division 2 raid and it is quite a bit challenging to pull off. There are several factors in play when you tackle the Division 2 raid. We are going to discuss the major ones in this article. Big disclaimer here, we came close to beating the raid ourselves but were not able to pull it off, we will be trying again soon but by no means are we experts on the matter.

Division 2 Raid Gear Score

You need to hit the max gear score in order to stand a chance in the Division 2 raid. This is how the game is designed. It is enjoyable just to farm various areas in the game, it is best to find one spot to grind for better loot. First, off you’d want to reach the level 500 gear score, it is easier said than done so you will need to farm for a bit. We highly recommend that you farm Occupied Dark Zone and find high-end loot as well as exotics. You can repeat landmarks in the Occupied Dark Zone and come out with good quality gear.

Once you are ready with the top tier stuff, you’ll need to min-max your build. This means using the recalibration station and rerolling your best gear to get even better results. What builds you want is all up to you and can also depend on your team.

Division 2 Raid Squad

Another thing Division 2 raid does is that it forces you to play with a group of 8 people. That’s right, solo players are out of luck and that’s not all, there is no matchmaking. Of course, you can hop over to the Division 2 Reddit and ask people to join you for a raid but that is going to take some time. The best way is to get your own team of friends prepared. Unfortunately, I don’t have 7 other friends who play the Division 2 or even like shooter looters so I had to rely on good old

Reddit for recruiting!

Once your team is settled, you will need to assign roles. Sure you can play the whole raid as a team of multiple snipers but it helps to have different builds and classes on the roster. If you have a diverse team of players, especially decked out in support skills.


Division 2 raid is challenging, there is no doubt about that. Especially on consoles where you have to use a controller to aim and it gets a bit daunting in the last phase. However, with practice and a few tries, we are sure you will be able to get through it with your squad. If you want to try out another game which is easier than the Division 2 raid, you can check the link out below and have a relaxing time.