A slice of incredible

Elder Scrolls is one of the biggest, baddest RPG adventure games out there. And the mobile adaptation Blades has a lot to be proud of. So before we get into the drawbacks (there are a few), we’re going to start off the review strong with the good stuff.

Battle endless mythical creatures in dungeons and rebuild your medieval town. A dark and powerful queen is responsible for the carnage, and it’s your job to collect resources to return it to it’s former glory. What more could a guy want? The graphics are top notch for mobile, the combat is highly addictive, and the storyline is downright intriguing.

At first glance this looks like another one of many epic games by Bethesda. As you progress through the storyline, nothing is as it seems. Elder Scrolls games have always been rich, immersive journeys and this is no exception. Each quest leaves you hankering for more, urging you to continue playing.

But, you can be sure there’s no hope if finishing the game without whipping your wallet out.

Paid progression

Nobody likes pay-to-win. It defeats the purpose of gaming in the first place. Unfortunately, Elder Scrolls: Blades have made it free to play, but supremely difficult to progress without some monetary agreement between your credit card and them.

Here’s how it works. As you delve deeper into the Abyss (a dark never-ending dungeon), you uncover secrets and much-needed resources to rebuild. The goal of the game is to turn your dilapidated village into a castle. But, without buying gems and chests, this takes a painstakingly long time.

Simple structures like an Alchemist Station become difficult to build. We’re estimating that if you wee to play Blades without any in-app purchases, it would take you months, maybe even years.

This is clearly what Bethesda were going for, as at times it becomes impossible to progress due to shoddy weapons that must be upgraded. You could keep repeating the same level until you collect enough resources, but this become boring very quickly.

A title with potential

Like we said, this game is winning in so many areas. The plot is interesting, gameplay is addictive and there’s plenty of Easter Eggs to keep you excited about what’s to come. But at a price.

Ultimately, if you play this game in hopes of it being free, you’re in for a frustrating experience overall. Progression without paying moves at a snail’s pace. But, if you’re a pay to play kind of guy, by all means dive in.

And did I mention there’s no voice acting? Elder Scrolls: Blades could be so much more.

For now, we suggest going out and buying Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It will cost you less in the long run and you’ll have a better gaming experience in every way.