Super Mario Maker 2 has been well received by the fans because it keeps the same core elements that made Super Mario Maker a big hit while also improving and adding a lot of new fun elements to the game.

Super Mario Maker 2 at its core is basically a level designing game just using the elements and things you can find inside the Super Mario franchise. People in general really love these types of level creation games, because it allows them to be creative using the things that they always loved and see in the games. As a player, being able to use your favorite things from the Super Mario franchise and put them inside your very own level can be very satisfying, especially if people like it and start playing it.

Super Mario Maker 2 release date and availability

Nintendo announced Super Mario Maker 2 at Nintendo Direct, and fans have been waiting for it since then. Super Mario Maker 2 was released just a few days ago back in June 28, 2019. The game made a huge debut and reports are saying that the physical sales of Super Mario Maker 2 has doubled the sales of the original Super Mario Maker. Considering that this does not include the sales made from digital versions, this is a huge win for Nintendo once again.

Right now, Super Mario Maker 2 is only available for the Nintendo Switch. I don’t think that it will be made available for the Nintendo 3DS and there has been a lot of people wanting it for other devices but Nintendo hasn’t commented on anything yet so it remains a Switch exclusive game.

Super Mario Maker 2 Limited Edition

There are currently a few different versions of the game available. You can buy the standard digital version of the game for $59.99, you can buy it through Amazon or from the Nintendo shop directly. There are also a few Limited Edition sets available but only if you buy from the Nintendo UK store directly.

The first Super Mario Maker 2 Limited Edition set consists of the game itself, a stylus that you can use on your Nintendo Switch that has a Super Mario Maker 2 design, a
Drawing Pad and Carpenters Set (Pencil and Sharpener) that are Super Mario Maker 2 themed, a Steelbook with a Super Mario Maker 2 design as well, and finally a 12 month online subscription to Nintendo Switch Online. All of these things are priced at £59.99 or around $75.00 when converted. The second Super Mario Maker 2 Limited Edition bundle set costs more at £69.99 or around $87.40 but you get something a little bit better than a drawing book and a pencil set. If you choose to but this pack, you instead get a Super Mario Acorn Diorama set instead of the Drawing book and Carpenters set.

Considering that you actually need to have a Nintendo Switch Online membership in order to publish levels you created and play the creations published by other users the Super Mario Maker 2 Limited Edition sets are a steal for their price. The 12 month subscription alone costs around $20.00 USD, plus you also get a ton of other Super Mario Maker themed items as a bonus.

The game is not yet for everyone to play but it will soon be, the price is also reasonable!

Sadly, these Limited Edition packs are only available in the UK, but Nintendo also has another bundle available for people who do not have access to the Limited Edition ones in UK. They have a Super Mario Maker 2 + Nintendo Switch Online Bundle. This bundle is on sale for $69.99, which costs $10 more than just the game itself but it also includes a 12-month membership for Nintendo Switch Online.