Does your internet connection feel slow? Try some of these tips that can help you get better internet connection for free.

It can be really frustrating if you are stuck staring at your screen waiting for a website to load or getting disconnected while gaming. One of the most frustrating things is having problems with your internet connection. It’s better to have no internet connection at all than having a slow internet connection. Use some of the tips below to improve your connection.

Run a Speed Test

The first thing you need to do is to check if you are getting good enough speeds appropriate to your plan. There are a lot of sites such as or both of which are free website you can visit. There are also some apps available for your phone such the speedtest app.

Using these sites you can usually see your ping, download speed and upload speed in relation to a specific server location. You can see if your ping is high or if you have a slow download speed.


Restart your Modem or Router

Once you’ve determined that you do have a problem with your internet speed, the first thing you need to do is to restart your modem or router. For most users this usually solves the problem since restarting the router essentially refreshes the device and its connection as well. Try restarting the Wi-Fi on your own device as well to make sure that everything is refreshed.

Connect Using Ethernet on your PC

If you are still having problems with your internet connection then I suggest using an Ethernet cable to connect your PC directly to your modem. Directly connecting to your modem allows for a more stable and reliable connection because Wi-Fi signals can be disrupted or be interfered with by a lot of different things.

A solid concrete wall can cause interference with Wi-Fi signals, your neighbor’s Wi-Fi signal can also interfere with your own. Using an Ethernet cable eliminates these problems and provides a better internet connection overall.

Change your Wi-Fi Channel

As I’ve noted earlier, your neighbor’s Wi-Fi signal can interfere with your own signal, especially if you are on overlapping channels. To find out what the best channel is you can use a Wi-Fi channel scanner. There are tons of free apps available on both your PC and your mobile phone to serve this purpose but my favorite so far is “WiFi Router Master” for android. This app has a ton of various uses and provides you with a ton of different information about your connection. It is a free app but the downside is that it has a ton of ads. Here is a link to the app if you want to check it out yourself:

Open your selected app and run the channel test. You should be able to see all the networks your neighbors are on. You are lucky if you only see a few, this means that your neighbors are causing little to no interference to your signal. If you happen to be in a very crowded area and see tons of various signals then find a channel that is the least populated.

Once you’ve found out what channel is the least populated you need to open your browser and go into your router’s settings. To access your router’s settings you need to go to its private IP address. A lot of different routers and manufacturers use as its default IP address so you can go ahead and try that. If it doesn’t work, you can try or

You should be greeted by a log-in page. Different brands and different models require different username and password combinations. You can try to find yours here: or

Once you have logged-in head to the wireless tab and look for the “Channel Control”, “Control Channel”, or “Channel” setting and change it to the least populated channel you found earlier.

Click “Apply” and you should be good to go. Enjoy your stable internet connection!

These are a few simple tips that can help you achieve a better internet connection overall. Remember that these do not increase your internet connection speed but instead are just options you can use to attain a more stable connection. If you are still having trouble with your internet connection or still experiencing slow speed, I suggest contacting your ISP as soon as possible.